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aquarium net

It doesn’t matter whether you have a fish bowl, tank or pond – aquarium net is one of the most important tools any fish keeper can have.
You don’t realize how important it is until you don’t have one.
I use my fish net for the following:
Fishing out uneaten food
Sifting algae
Skimming debris that floats on the surface
Scooping up baby brine shrimp and mosquito larva
Removing plant matter that rests on the substrate
Oh, and of course, removing fish from my tank.
And chances are, you will find a net just as handy for your aquarium.
Believe it or not, the larger holes actually pose a risk to your fish. There is a risk that your fishes gill plates or fins could become stuck in these holes and become injured as the net moves around when you empty it.

This is typically only a problem for small sized fish or invertebrates that have small body parts capable of slipping between the mesh.

If you plan on keeping this type of fish in your aquarium, a fine aquarium mesh net is best for reducing the likelihood of injury.

In fact, many owners of particularly delicate or expensive fish avoid nets altogether. Instead, they use a plastic bag or container. Sound like you?

But keeping your fish safe is not the only reason to choose a net with small holes – especially if you are trying to net a tiny critter.

You see, fry and baby brine shrimp are so tiny that they can slip through the holes in your net. Even a fine one!

That’s where a baby brine shrimp net comes in…

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