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Using aquarium magnets in a fish tank can be helpful for various purposes. Used to clean the glass, attach decorations, or even create a magnetic algae scrubber to keep the tank clean.

They are used to keep your aquarium glass or acrylic clean and algae free. One side of the magnet goes inside the tank and the other on the outside. Easily clean the inside of the glass without getting your hands wet with smooth strokes.

Most magnets come in small, medium, and large. The size of the magnet makes a difference.  It dictates the size of the surface area in which its cleaning and the thickness of the glass.

Removing surface algae with the use of Magnets in an tropical aquarium, marine or fresh water fish tanks regularly makes routine cleaning of your tank much easier.

AquariumH2o Aquarium Magnets are aquarium-safe and won’t rust or leach harmful materials into the water.

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