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Test Kits & Hydrometers

Test Kits & Hydrometers are used in testing levels in your aquarium water.  This is a pivotal step to ensure the health of your aquatic habitat, including, fish, reptiles, shrimp snails and even turtle tanks.

Aquarium H2o offers test kits for monitoring tank water ph levels. Hydrometers for testing the density\bouncy of the water. Floating thermometers for accurate temperature checks and more.

Aquarium and Fish Tank Water Testing Kits & Hydrometers that give you accurate readings. Tests like of the pH, nitrite, nitrate, hardness, salt (salinity) and ammonia levels in your fish tank.  This information allows you to take swift action if needed.

These tools will allow you to monitor the conditions inside your aquarium, make adjustments as needed to prevent any unsightly hazards.

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