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Aquarium Aeration

Aquarium aeration is essential to the ecosystem of your fish tank.  Aeration is the process of introducing oxygen into your aquarium.  Water needs to move in order to contain oxygen.

The key to aquarium aeration is to introduce oxygen to the entire aquarium, including the bottom of the tank.  Aeration starts with knowing how many gallons of water your tank holds.  Do you have fish? How many?  Do you have live plants?

Deciding the right direction to go with aeration is always confusing, you need to decide between surface aeration and subsurface aeration. In some cases both!!

Your aquarium gets dissolved oxygen from the surface of the tank water.  If you have a filter the water gathers oxygen as it flows from the filter back into the aquarium, live plants and airpumps also add oxygen into the aquarium.  The use of airstones, bubblers and powerheads also move the water.

Aquarium H2o has a vast selection of aquarium air tube, air stones, flexible diffusers, bubble wands, and all the fittings needed to attach your aquarium plumbing.

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