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Goldfish Supplies

Aquarium H2o has a varied selection of goldfish supplies.  Usually, everyone’s first pet is a goldfish in a fishbowl as they are incredibly easy to care for.  AquariumH2o has gravels, bowls, nets and more for your fancy goldfish.

Goldfish (carassius auratus) are considered cold, fresh water fish and make excellent pets, teaching responsibility and they look great in a fish tank.  Keep in mind that the average space that a fish requires in a tank is about 20 gallons of water per fish.  This allows for plenty of room for growth and a healthy living environment in your aquatic habitat.  The average length of some species of goldfish can reach up to a foot in length.

Also good to know is that Goldfish will eat just about anything.  Aquarium H2o has an incredibly large selection of foods specifically designed to enhance the color and overall health of your fish.

Consider us your one stop shop for all of your goldfish supplies.

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