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aquarium cleaner

Algae cleaner and pads, gravel cleaners, power vacuums, scrapers, magnetic brushes, siphons, hoses aquarium cleaner, and more.

Cleaning equipment will help you minimize the time spent on ongoing aquarium maintenance.  Sometimes, keeping your aquarium clean with a good quality fish tank filter, algae treatments, and a collection of cleaning equipment isn’t enough to keep the gravel clean at the bottom of the tank. Your gravel can soon become filled with bits of dirt and waste can easily get buried underneath it. No matter how clean your water is, it’s unlikely to clean the difficult to reach gaps in the gravel.

Aquariumh2o have a selection of aquarium cleaner, gravel and glass cleaners to make the job easy for you. Not only do they help to remove specks of dirt from in the substrate, but they also disturb the grains, forcing particles of waste up so that it can easily be picked up by the substrate. plenty of other cleaning tools, with everything from tweezers to hoover-like gravel cleaners, which sift through the substrate and suck up all the rubbish. We recommend that you clean the gravel every time you do a water change.

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