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XL Sunken Galleon Aquarium Ornament Jumbo

(3 customer reviews)


  • XL Sunken Galleon
  • Resin Aquarium Ornament
  • Great Detail in Design
  • Massive Size
  • 23 Inch L x 8 Inch W x 11 Inch H

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Sunken Galleon Aquarium Ornament suitable for aquariums over 48 Inches due to its size. Great detail sunken ornament depicting a old world galleon. Great New line. Attractive looking, will bring color to any aquarium. This aquarium ornament is great for decorating your aquarium with minimum maintenance.

Artificial ornaments in an aquarium can provide several advantages. They serve as decorative elements, creating a visually appealing environment for both the observer and the inhabitants. Additionally, they offer hiding spots and shelter for fish, reducing stress and promoting natural behaviors. Artificial ornaments are also easy to clean and maintain compared to live plants or intricate aquatic decor, contributing to a healthier aquatic environment.

This aquarium ornament is great for decorating your aquarium with minimum maintenance. AquariumH2o ornaments are 100% safe for fish made from special resin that is non toxic and designed specifically for use in aquariums and fish tanks. Wash Sunken Galleon Aquarium Ornament Jumbo in water to clean.

Browse our selection of realistic artificial aquarium décor to find exactly what you want for a life-like environment for your tank inhabitants. Blends naturally in aqua-scape environments as to provide interesting areas for your aquatic friends.

Easy to use, simply bury the base in your substrate, Sunken Galleon Aquarium Ornament will NOT affect water chemistry. Fish & Aquatic Safe Polyresin, simply wash with water prior to placement in your tank.

Be sure to check our INFORMATION CENTER for our latest Aquarium Blog on Getting fish acclimated to their new home.   We also post regularly on our Aquarium H2o FACEBOOK PAGE! 

Additional information

Weight 7.125 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 10 in



AquariumH2o is the indoor aquarium brand name of United Aquatics LLC based in New Jersey. Shipping from a facility in CT carrying $600,000 of inventory, usually the same day. AquariumH2o source quality aquarium and reptile products from the world marketplace bringing unusual or hard to find products. Their mission is not to be a just another aquarium source but a leader in the industry offering great products with exceptional service.
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3 reviews for XL Sunken Galleon Aquarium Ornament Jumbo

  1. Shelby C. (verified owner)

    I was really pleased with my purchase but my only complaint is that when we received the item, the color was much darker than the picture showed it to be. But that’s okay, we are still happy with our purchase just wasn’t really prepared for the color difference.

    Image #1 from Shelby C.
    • AquariumH2o (store manager)

      So sorry about the color difference with the product, when the item returns to inventory we will take better pictures. Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us feedback and your purchase.

  2. Ronald Brown (verified owner)

    They do a great job taking care of their customers

    • AquariumH2o (store manager)

      Thank you so much for your purchase. We truly appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback and look forward to providing great service with perfectly priced products again!!

  3. Kathy F. (verified owner)

    I love it and I even like the darker color better.

    Image #1 from Kathy F.
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