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PondH2o Long Arm Gloves


  • Full arm length gloves
  • Suitable for all those dirty pond jobs
  • Heavy duty PVC material
  • Elastic top to keep arm watertight
  • One Size (hand and arm fits most)
  • 28 Inches Long

397 in stock

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  • 30 Day ReturnsMoney back guarantee
  • Same Day DispatchWhen you order before 2pm

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Pond H2o is pleased to present our Long Arm Pond Gloves. Full Arm Length Water Garden Pond Gloves. Suitable for all those dirty jobs where you have to potential for getting your hands and arms wet.  PondH2o re-usable gloves made from heavy duty PVC with a elasticated top.  Intended to keep arm watertight. One size hand and arm. PondH2o quality. Perfect for use while doing routine aquarium cleaning.

Pond H2o Long Arm Pond Gloves:

  • MULTIPURPOSE – The heavy duty PVC Nitrile gloves are latex free and provide a better solution for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Long Arm Pond Gloves are ideal for handling chemicals, pond products, mechanical manufacturing, mining, agriculture, farming, water gardening, yard work, pond construction, aquarium cleaning, and so much more because of the chemical and puncture resistant material. Honestly, perfect for any home and garden dirty job!
  • 28 INCHES LONG – The flexibility of these extra long sleeve 28 inch gloves gives an effective barrier protection for wrist and arm, going almost to the shoulder to protect against water, chemical, pond muck splashes and poison ivy or oak. Solves getting wet during winter months while cleaning pre-filters or other garden pond jobs. Importantly, United Aquatics Long Arm Pond Gloves will maintain dexterity and pliability at low temperatures, even in the snow.
  • ELASTIC TOP – Stitched 18 Inch wide elastic top provides a tight seal around the cuff to ensure that you stay warm and dry as it will close to about ten inches round. The extended gauntlet cuff will protect, almost to your shoulder, with elastic top that prevents glove from slipping down arm.
  • GREAT GRIP – The non-slip sandy textured palm offers good grip to grab wet and dirty water garden koi fish pond or aquarium items. The rough hand area provides a strong area making handling wet objects safe and easy.  Hand area is 10 inches wide, will fit most sized hands.
  • LONG LASTING REUSABLE PRODUCT – The cotton/polyester brushed interlocked inside hand lining material makes for long lasting use, providing protection against cuts, snags, abrasions and punctures. Lined glove that is comfortable to wear and durable.

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