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Bakki Shower Ceramic Filter Media 8 Slot, Pack Of Nine


  • Size is 6.42” x 1.65”
  • Pack of Nine (9)
  • Ceramic Biological Filter Media
  • Natural Filtration
  • Reduces ammonia und nitrites while, introducing oxygen into the water

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Bakki Shower Ceramic Filter Media 8 Slot in a pack of (9) Nine. This filter media attempts to simulate natures way of filtering water. Contains grooves on the sides to increase surface area of the ceramic bacteria house. Similar to nature where water cascades over rocks. Biofilms and algae grow on the rocks and feed on the nutrients, essentially filtering the water.  This Ceramic biological filter media reduces ammonia und nitrites while introducing oxygen.  It is intended for use in ponds, aquariums and filtrations systems.

PondH2o’s Bakki Shower Filter Media is typically used in water garden pond and aquarium filtration treatment systems to remove impurities. Here’s a general overview of how Bakki Shower Ceramic Filter Media 8 Slot is used:

  1. Water Inlet:  The water to be treated enters the Bakke shower ceramic media filter system.
  2. Distribution System: Inside the filter, there is a distribution system that evenly distributes the water over the ceramic media.
  3. Ceramic Media Filtration: The water passes through the ceramic media, which consists of small, porous ceramic beads. These beads trap and filter out impurities, sediments, and particles present in the water.
  4. Cleaning Mechanism: Periodically, the system may have a cleaning mechanism. This could involve backwashing or other methods to remove accumulated contaminants from the ceramic media.
  5. Treated Water Outlet:  Cleaned and filtered water exits the system through an outlet, ready for further use.

    Regular maintenance and adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines are crucial to ensuring effective and continuous aquatic filtration.

    Caution: Never use any soap or detergent on any items placed in your aquarium, fish tank or reptile enclosure as they are highly toxic to fish and some plants.

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    Additional information

    Weight 4 lbs
    Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 in



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