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aquarium gravel

Substrates, or more commonly called aquarium gravel are a vital component of your aquarium. Effecting water quality, chemistry, filtration as well as the health and happyness of your tank’s inhabitants. In addition, helps the environment look natural.

Choose your fish tank substrate carefully as different substrates are better in certain types of environments, such as fish-only, freshwater or marine fish tank. Substrates & Gravels have a multitude of additional benefits, such as encouraging plants to grow, to allowing some types of fish to burrow and scavenge, as if in their natural habitat.

Aquarium H2o stock a vast range of natural aquarium gravel, substrates, fish safe epoxy coated colored gravels and natural sands and cobbles.

For a guide to how much substrate you will need for a fish tank: the usual formula is one pound in weight of material – per one gallon of aquarium water.

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