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aquarium fish feeding

Aquarium fish feeding is one of the great pleasures of owning an aquarium and fish tank. Interacting with the aquatic friends and watching them come to the surface in full view of you.

There are many different types of aquarium aquatic fish & Reptile food on the market. Aquarium H2o has a vast selection of pellets, flakes, tablets and sticks. We have food for cold water fish, warm water fish and reptiles.

Experienced fish keepers will use all of the above food types to give an all round balanced and interesting diet to the aquarium inhabitants.

One of the more popular and widely used food type is flakes. They are manufactured by forcing the ingredients through two rollers to create a thin flake. Great for surface feeders like guppies, mollies and any fish with the mouth on the upper part of the head, an easy way to identify a surface feeder. Reputable food manufacturers add all the nutrients and vitamins aquarium fish require, often called a ‘staple diet’.

Aquarium Fish feeding may seem overwhelming, we are here for you!

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