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6 Piece Rock Set Aquarium Decoration


  • (6) Six Piece Set
    • Piece 1 – 7.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch x 14 Inch (20cm x 9cm x 36cm)
    • Piece 2 – 7.5 Inch 4.5 Inch x 4 Inch (20cm x 12 x 11cm)
    • Piece 3 – 10 Inch x 5 Inch x 7 Inch (26cm x 13 x 18cm)
    • Piece 4 – 9.5 Inch x 4.5 Inch x 5.75 Inch (24cm x 12cm x 15cm)
    • Piece 5 – 10 Inch x 4.5 Inch x 15.75 Inch (26cm x 12cm x 40cm)
    • Piece 6. 8.25 Inch x 5 Inch x 4.5 Inch (21cm x 13cm x 12cm)
  • Unusual Shapes
  • Fish Safe Polyresin Will Not Effect water Chemistry
  • Non-toxic Aquarium Safe
  • Natural Looking Artificial Rocks

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  • Free ShippingWhen you spend over $29
  • TrackingKnow when your package will arrive
  • 30 Day ReturnsMoney back guarantee
  • Same Day DispatchWhen you order before 2pm

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6 Piece Rock Set Aquarium Decoration, Assorted 6 pc Artificial Rock Aquascape Kit, Artificial rock formation Aquarium Decor, will look great in any Fish tank & Aquarium ornament. This artificial rock formation has 6 pieces for you to arrange in tank. This aquarium ornament is great for decorating your aquarium with minimum maintenance. They are 100% safe for fish made from special resin that is non toxic and designed specifically for use in aquariums and fish tanks.



AquariumH2o is the indoor aquarium brand name of United Aquatics LLC based in New Jersey. Shipping from a facility in CT carrying $600,000 of inventory, usually the same day. AquariumH2o source quality aquarium and reptile products from the world marketplace bringing unusual or hard to find products. Their mission is not to be a just another aquarium source but a leader in the industry offering great products with exceptional service.

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