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Bottom Feeder Fish So Important

Why Are Bottom Feeder Fish So Important?

So why are bottom feeder fish so important to an aquarium?

Why are bottom feeder fish so important?  A bottom feeder is an aquatic animal that feeds on uneaten foods, algae and other debris on the bottom of the tank. In essence, cleaning the aquarium for you.  The general room of thumb with stocking quantities is one bottom feeder for 6 of mid or surface feeding species.  Bottom feeding types are usually catfish based species or loaches, popular in the ornamental trade.  See Swell UK’s article on bottom fish.

Aquarium fish can be broken down to three types of fish:

  1. Surface Feeders, these are aquarium fish with mouths on the top of the head, like guppies.
  2. Mid Range Feeders, these are aquarium fish with mouths at the front of the head, like tetra’s.
  3. Bottom Feeders, these are aquarium fish with mouths at the bottom of the head, like corydoras.

Most types of bottom feeders have barbells to help locate food, as in the wild are usually in dark dee water with little natural light.  They often have a flattened body shape as they spend most of their lives skimming the bottom of tanks and aquariums.

Uneaten food from over feeding or fish waste can pollute aquarium water fast, as due to being a small body of water usually 10-150 gallons.  Bottom feeders eat this food source and therefore help maintain a better aquarium water quality.  Also, create zones in the aquarium to stop over crowding of species.

It is important that you use aquarium foods that are suitable for bottom feeders, it is common in aquariums that the bottom feeders can starve, if you are only feeding floating flakes there is often little food that gets to the bottom of the aquarium.  Granule’s or sinking pellets are suitable for bottom feeders, Aquariumh2o stock Dajana products specially formulated for bottom feeders.

For all aquariums, big and small AquariumH2o has the supplies you need to keep your dream aquarium crystal clear! When we say we have all the supplies you need, we mean it, we are a one-stop shop for all that you need. If you have any questions, call us at 856-985-9339 or email us at

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