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How To Choose and Introduce New Fish to Your Aquarium

How To Choose and Introduce New Fish to Your Aquarium

Get fish acclimated to their new environment!

Here are some useful tips on how to choose and introduce new fish to your aquarium.  Every aquarium owner loves this part of fish keeping. The excitement of going to your local fish store, choosing your new fish, asking advice, buying new supplies. Then, rushing home to add them to your collection.

How To Choose and Introduce New Fish to Your Aquarium:

  1. Purchase from a reputable long established aquarium store, does not have to be a big strip mall store. Often the best aquarium stores are tucked away, offering in many cases generations of experience and knowledge.
  2. If you are just starting out and are adding fish to an aquarium, never purchase more than three fish on any visit.  Another great tip is take some of your aquarium water with you if you do not own a test kit to check your water quality.  Often stores will charge a small fee to check your water quality, well worth it to stop any issues increasing stocking density may cause.  Also, see our Blog on new aquarium syndrome:
  3. Talk to the staff and tell them what you already have in your collection and what they recommend for your level of experience and local water conditions. Some fish like Discus require soft water and if you live in a hard water area will make it more difficult to keep these type of fish.
  4. Once you get back home, first thing to do is turn your aquarium light off, they are stressed enough from the ride home without adding to been thrown straight under bright lights.
  5. Place the fish transport bags so they float on the aquarium and leave them for at least 10-15 minutes so the water temperatures in the bag and aquarium equalize again to minimize stress.
  6. When opening the transport bag don’t rip it or try to puncture it, use scissors or take off the rubber band. Most experienced fish keepers will not add the store water to the aquarium when they introduce the fish as well, so get your aquarium net and place over a vessel like a small bucket and slowly pour the contents through the net so catching the fish, then slowly introduce the fish to the aquarium. You can of course add the water if easier, just mix the water slowly together.   Finally, slowly tip the fish out so they can escape.
  7. Keep the aquarium light off to ensure the fish can get used to their new home.  Monitor the new arrivals for stress, be sure they aren’t being picked on as new kids on the block.
  8. Enjoy watching the new fish in your aquarium, after all, that’s why you bought them.

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