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Fish Species Explained – Angel Fish

Fish Species Explained – Corydoras

Fish Species Explained – Corydoras

Fish Species Explained – Corydoras covers a wide selection of bottom feeder fish, covering nearly 200 species. Callichthyidae, the Latin name and Corydoradinae been the sub species where the abbreviated word Cory.  Check out other species in our Information Center.

Corydoras are peaceful bottom feeders, best kept in small shoals. All Corydoradinae species originate from South America. They can be very active and alert while moving around the aquarium. It is important to always have hiding places for them to rest.  Be mindful when feeding that food meant for bottom feeders is used, as sometimes bottom feeding fish can starve if no food ever reaches the bottom.

Originate – South America
Water Conditions – 7-7.8 PH Tropical 72-80 Degrees
Community Fish – Ideal, use ratio of 1 bottom feeder to 6 surface or mid range fish
Breeding – Egg Layer
Comments – Best kept in small groups or pairs. Make sure the aquarium has a good base of gravel for corydoras to search for food and as they generally scavenge.


Fish Species Explained – Corydoras are a must for any freshwater tropical aquarium, attractive and useful for hoovering up all uneaten food. Can easily live for up to 5 years and are very hardy species.

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