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Real or Artificial Aquarium Decor

Real or Artificial Aquarium Décor?

The eternal question in fishkeeping, do you go Real or Artificial Aquarium Décor plants, rocks and wood ornaments decorations?

Artificial Aquarium Décor

Artificial aquarium decorations are easy to maintain with no dying plants, wood or rocks altering the PH of the water.  Fish tanks with artificial decorations are quick to setup, usually with no additional requirements such as, special lighting to help the real plants thrive. Usually take just a good wash in water  and placement in the tank.

Advancements in the aquatic décor industry has produced better designed artificial rocks, plants and woods.  Ultimately,  giving a real look to aquarium aquascaping.  When done properly, your time and money invested will offer long term, easy to maintain aquariums and fish tanks.

Real Natural Aquascaping 

A fully planted aquarium with thriving aquatic plants, that contains brightly colored aquarium fish swimming in between, just like the below photo, is unbeatable for relaxation and looks. Fish and aquatic life will tend to thrive better in a natural aquarium as there is more natural food from plants and other organic matter.  Turns out this is good for people as wellPsychology Today compiled research and studies in to the effects of “blue spaces” on mental health. These “blue spaces” refer to bodies of water in general and the findings show that being in the presence of bodies of water regularly can reduce levels of anxiety and depression. So, in this case – aquariums are good for your health.  


Real or Artificial Aquarium Décor

When it comes to aquarium keeping, it just comes down to how much time and expense you can give, either way AquariumH2o has the supplies you need to make your dream aquarium, fish, turtle or reptile tank come to life! When we say we have all the supplies you need, we mean it, we are a one-stop shop for all that you need.  From an Gravels & Substrates to maintenance care and Aquarium Aeration, we have you covered! If you have any questions call us at 856-985-9339 or email us at .

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