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first aquarium fish tank

Picking your first Aquarium

The most important things needed to consider prior to buying or picking your first aquarium:

  • Size – what size aquarium do you want?  Tanks are available based on gallonage.  Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon with or without salt.  Will the floor hold the weight of the tank with the water and all the equipment required to run the tank?
    • Popular tanks sizes start as small as a fish bowl and go to as large as you would like.
  • Location – you want to consider the location of the aquarium.  Place the setup in a room that is lived in.  You don’t want the tank located in direct sunlight or in a cold room where you need additional heaters to keep the water at specified temperatures.
    • This is a big decision, as most aquatic species are very social.
  • Glass or acrylic tank – Acrylic insulates the water better, weighs less and more impact resistant than glass.  However, acrylic will scratch much easier and tends to dull over time.
  • Fish – The selection available for tropical fish is almost endless.  How many can fit in the tank you have, marine fish or fresh water fish, carnivores or omnivores, will they mate?
  • Plants – Live plants or artificial plants.
    • There are so many pro’s and con’s to both, do research.
  • Water – salt water also known as a marine tank or a fresh water aquarium.
  • Expense – When you start to think about all the expenses included in this hobby is that there is a ton of expenses associated with aquarium owning.  Filters, fish, plants, lights, pumps, food, heaters, decorations, theme, electricity.
  • Maintenance – How much time are you looking to invest in the hobby?  All the decisions listed above will dictate how much cleaning and maintenance.

In summary, there is a lot to think about prior to purchasing your first aquarium or fish tank.  The popular aquarium size choices seem endless.  You will find that there is plenty of information available to make the necessary decisions and plenty of people to talk to about your new hobby.  Check out our online store for all of our fantastic inventory…

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